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#110 [ Saturday//December 24th//2005]
Wow, a well needed friends cut.
You've been cut because I really don't ever read your updates or you just never update/comment.</text>
Take me off your friends list if you are..Collapse )
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#54 [ Tuesday//July 5th//2005]
michael thinks blue wont look good in my hair, i want a funky color.. any suggestions?
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#34 [ Friday//May 27th//2005]
ew, no computer, ill be back soon hopefully:)
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#33 [ Thursday//May 19th//2005]
Post anonymously with three clues about who you are and let me try to guess.
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#23 [ Sunday//May 1st//2005]
                                       POST ANONYMOUSLY!
      Anything your little heart desires. A secret. How you really feel about me.
     Anything you've wanted to get off your chest but can't seem to tell anyone.
                       Anything you're thinking right this second.
                                   Just post something.
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